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Advanced Digital ID

We are a top flight seasoned International Identity Verification Organization with retainerships and  locations across the globe, in educational sector, professional bodies, ​and other organizations.​FSS has one of the largest ID Card Creation and Verification System in ​the world ​presently managing over 2 million identity cards and an unlimited expendable database in both hardware and software for different organizations globally. It is the sole inventor of the Internet ID card System.

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Our Products

Our product, Fatadigital-Ids is a complete universal, digital, facial biometrics identification solution, which serves the international initiative to digitalise the identity of every person with their facial biometrics tied to an ID number, registrable, verifiable and accessible anywhere in the world.

  • All digital IDs to be produced by our company will be banked in the internet forever.
  • It is complete online and offline solutions to every identity problem including security challenges.
  • It can be registered and can also be accessed anywhere even in the comfort of one's bedroom using any internet enabled smart phone or computer.
  • It is secured with a QR (quick response) code that serves as complete verification solution.
  • With the on-the-spot- facial biometrics that is captured during snapping of passports for registration, the problems of duplication, forgery, multiple registration and other cyber crimes will be completely obliterated as no two persons have the same iris.
  • 7. The company shall enter into agreement for a minimum of ten years and it is subject to renewal if parties are pleased with performance on both sides.
  • The company shall send an authorisation pins to the customer, which serves as entry permit for registration.
  • After registration and upon submission of the user DATA, a prototype of the ID card is displayed showing the ID number and other relevant information on an ID card.
  • Other information DATA that may not be on the card will be stored for assessment and verification anywhere and at anytime.

Why Fata Card


Our ID Card is secured with the bar code system which make it impossible to forge or duplicate.


All the production process is automated for fast delivering.


With our cloud storage system, your ID can be verified by authorization in seconds

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